Questions And Answers With Ray Jackson

1.   Q:   How did you get involved in the music business?

      A:   Well I was watching S.O.D. Live At Budokan on my VCR one day after I first saw legendary Port Hadlock-based band Circle Of Fear play at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds back in 1994, and after I became friends with them that year I suggested to them the idea of maybe forming a hardcore/speed-metal side-project similar to S.O.D., and after showing them some lyrics that I wrote, they agreed, and.…after playing a couple of shows in 1995.…it got real big.

2.   Q:   Favorite TV show?

      A:   For me, that would have to be the long-time running epic television series on NBC, as well as in rerun form on TNT, Law & Order.
It always has been a great television series for me to watch over the years that it has been on, and now with various offsprings such as Law & Order: SVU, and Law & Order: Criminal Intent, even more of a draw, believe me, I would not want to be the defendant on trial when A.D.A. Jack McCoy (as played by Sam Waterston) is prosecuting the case, or be questioned by its detectives played over the years by such fine actors as the late, great Jerry Orbach, Jesse L. Martin, Dennis Farina, Chris Noth, or Benjamin Bratt, as they will all eat you alive if you happen to become a suspect in a murder case.

It is because of shows like Law & Order that are the reason why I have made the long-term commitment to continue to “do the right thing”, live the spotless off-stage lifestyle that I have had all of my life with no criminal record to speak of, and although I have to admit that most of my lyrics may not reflect it, especially on my new AK47 series of CDs, continue to stand up for what is right for my many Legions Of Warrior Nation™ around the world.

3.   Q:   Who did you at first pattern yourself after in your old days with   S.M.F?

      A:   Billy Milano, lead singer of S.O.D.- the Stormtroopers Of Death, BullyDance, and M.O.D.- Method Of Destruction among other bands.…..what more can you say about this legendary NYHC (New York Hardcore)/speed-metal frontman, except, “He IS Sargent ‘D’…and YOU’RE STILL ON HIS LIST!!!”

4.   Q:   If you could date a supermodel for a day, who would it be?

      A:   Well, I’d be bullshitting Warrior Nation™, The United States of America, Myself, and my legions of fans if I did not pick Cindy Margolis.
Boy has SHE come a long ways since our days at Erikson Center (Tracy Berg referred her to Erikson Center in February 1983, she went on to graduate in February 1984)!!!
We all know about the impressive set of credentials on her legendary resume, such as Seducing Cindy (2010), The Price Is Right (1996), To Tell The Truth (2000), Austin Powers (1997), Hollywood Squares (1998-99), Playboy (2006, 2008), (Inside) Out: Cindy Margolis (2005), and The Cindy Margolis Show (2000) among them (for more details on her extensive list of accomplishments, just visit her great website at
I am very proud of her for what she has done with both her life AND career since our graduation. Besides, would The Legend™ here pick Nikki Schieler, Carmen Electra, Christine Dolce, or Heidi Klum instead of a true icon like Cindy Margolis??? FUCK NO, DUDE!!!

5.   Q:   Favorite athlete?

      A:   Who better than Rob Van Dam (RVD). Nobody else in professional wrestling has such a great work ethic, a very cool and care-free-like attitude, incredible agility, the ultimate in self-discipline…and ohhhh…those “educated feet” (as “good-old J.R.”, Jim Ross used to call them), and those incredible moves like the “Van Terminator”, “Rolling Thunder”, the “Van Daminator”, the “Split-Legged Moon-sault”, and of course, the ever-so-scintillating “Five-Star Frog Splash”… those extreme moves, as well as his tremendous martial arts skills are why he is…ROB!!!...VAN!!!...DAM!!!
Oh, and by the way, he ain’t known better by his fans as “THE WHOLE F ‘N SHOW” for nothing!!! Yin/Yang POWER, dude!!!

6.   Q:   You have had more than your fair share of mental health issues most of your life, and most recently, you have been receiving treatment at the Amen Clinics Northwest since August of 2005, how did you find out about them, and what lead you to go there in the first place?

      A:   As many of my Legions Of Warrior Nation™ may already know, I have been mentally disabled since I was very young, and I have been diagnosed many times by psychiatrists left and right with conditions such as ADD, ADHD, psychosis, schizophrenia, and developmental conditions, such as retardation.

But I wanted a FINAL answer to this, as all of those past diagnoses have been external and without the benefit of either a cat scan or any other MRI system.
A colleague of mine told me about The Amen Clinics and their unique SPECT scanning system, and since I had never had a brain scan before, I decided to give it a shot, and I found out a lot more about myself and my condition than any past external analysis ever revealed.
I found out then that I had ADHD, as well as something called Intermittent Explosive Disorder, and also Pervasive Developmental Delay, mostly caused by my late mother’s isolation as well as the physical and psychological abuse that I received until her passing of brain cancer in August of 2000, which also lead to my being socially naïve and being not prepared for certain situations in many social environments in which most “normal” people take for granted.

For more details about them and their unique SPECT scanning system, visit It will impress you a lot.

7.   Q:   Favorite sports franchise?

      A:   The Los Angeles/Oakland Raiders. Hey, what more can you say about The Silver And Black except…THEY KICK ASS!!!
I have been a die-hard Raiders’ fan since back in 1982 when they first came to L.A. from Oakland, two years after the Rams ditched us for Anaheim in arch rival Orange County back in 1980, before moving to St. Louis.
The Raiders DID win Super Bowl XVIII in 1984 while they represented Los Angeles, so despite the fact that I moved to the Great Northwest back in 1987, and although the Raiders moved back to Oakland in 1995, I am still a BIG Raiders’ fan to this day because of what they did for Los Angeles while they and I were both there.
SEATTLE SEAHICKS (Seahawks) SUCK ASS!!! Paul Allen eats Al Davis’ shorts for breakfast!!!

8.   Q:   Future plans after the music business is all said and done?

      A:   Well, at one time I wanted to become a professional bowler (PBA member), and maybe become a PBA Tour champion like my bowling idol, 1988 PBA Player Of The Year and PBA Hall Of Famer (inducted in 1994), Brian Voss.
When I first met my common-law wife, Alice Yantz at the now-defunct Key City Lanes back in 1989, she was bowling in a mixed league, and I had been a long-time viewer of the legendary ABC Sports’ Professional Bowlers Tour series with the late Chris Schenkel and Nelson (Bo) Burton, Jr., since the mid-1970s.

My late grandmother, at my insistence, got me my first ball back in 1989, an Ebonite Thunderbolt, and I have been a huge student of this great sport since, and in all of the years that I have watched those shows, back then on ABC, and now on ESPN, I still haven’t yet found another bowler with a better, more classic form, solid release, mental toughness, and, the physical strength to overpower a tough lane condition (if necessary) than that of Brian Voss.

I am also currently in the process of learning more about the newer, more powerful bowling balls, the latest equipment, speed control, hand action, and how to hook the ball more so I can become a more versatile player so that I can play different shots on different lane conditions, no matter what the oil pattern or lane surface is.
Plus, Brian Voss also cross-trained by weightlifting and also running, which is so important for the long, constant grind of the PBA Tour.

It’s just like Nelson Burton, Jr. once said on ABC a few years back, “…how many miles can YOU walk with 16 pounds in your hand???” It is all about endurance, as well as of course, winning, especially when you bowl for a living like they do on Tour.

9.   Q:   Other hobbies besides music and bowling?

      A:   I am also into the rich history and tradition of Volkswagen. I have been a VW enthusiast ever since I was a kid, and right now I currently own a 1999 New Beetle GLS 2.0 (dubbed WarHorse), and I am currently in the process of working on and fixing up a vintage air-cooled 1963 Transporter Kombi Bus (dubbed PimpWagen).
I was a subscriber to VW Trends magazine from 1998 until it ceased publication in 2005, and I really enjoy reading about the glorious past, and ever-promising future of what has become known to its many loyal drivers, enthusiasts, fans and devoted followers like me as “The People’s Car”.

10.   Q:   How did you manage to get into Sony’s MiniDisc recording media, and at one time, Hi-MD, and who got you into it in the first place, and when?

      A:   Well, a friend turned me onto it in 1998, and it completely replaced cassette tape as my recording media format of choice. Its versatility and portability (2½” in diameter) is unmatched in any of its variations, which also includes the data-compatible version of it known as Hi-MD, and thanks to its Atrac3Plus recording technology, I can put up to 45 hours of music, or, 1GB of data on a Hi-MD disc, which is identical in size to an older 60/74/80-minute MiniDisc.
And on the newer equipment like a Sony MZ-RH1 or MZ-M200 Hi-MD Walkman, which can record, play, AND upload older (“legacy”- Mono, SP, LP2, LP4) MiniDisc formats, those same older MiniDiscs can also be reformatted into a Hi-MD disc, which can hold up to 13½ hours of music or 305MB of data, OR… (get THIS!!!), for Linear PCM recording, up to 93 minutes of uncompressed music (on a 1GB Hi-MD disc), that can then be uploaded onto a PC in order to burn a pro-quality CD recording.

For myself and also many other MiniDisc enthusiasts, it’s “ATRAC OR DEATH!!!”.