the world of Ray Jackson.

Ray Jackson is a mentally disabled musician and performer from Port Townsend, Washington, who is better known by his stage names “The Heavy Metal Warrior” or “AK47”, depending on the style of music he is creating.
Ray is an avid heavy metal and old school rap fan who, with the help of numerous musician friends, has been recording, performing and releasing original, independent music since the mid 1990’s.
Many of his recordings are EXTREMELY hard to find cassette and VHS only releases.
As The Heavy Metal Warrior he performed and recorded thrash metal with his band S.M.F. (Sick Mother F**ckers). And as AK47 he has recorded and performed his own version of old school gangsta rap.

You can find video of some of his live performances as The Heavy Metal Warrior and AK47 plus his “Ray’s Rants” and “What’s In The Closet” video series on his YouTube channel by clicking HERE.

He also has a YouTube channel where he plays and reviews old school, 1980s Atari games HERE.

Len Enders (Ray’s friend and manager) has been documenting his adventures with Ray Jackson and their friends since 1994 and he’s starting to upload some of these videos to his own YouTube channel HERE.

You can stream most of Ray’s musical releases on Soundcloud HERE.

If you’re new to the world of Ray Jackson, watch the intro to the video below to get the super quick backstory on The Heavy Metal Warrior.