Press clippings, poster art and random pieces of Ray Jackson, Heavy Metal Warrior and AK47 history. Click on the images to view at full size.

Promotional poster for AK47's first release entitled "Hadlock's Most Wanted". This is the album that started it all for AK47 back in 2004.

The original VHS from S.M.F.'s history making performance on 29Live. Original artwork created by Ray Jackson.

Review for S.M.F. 29Live VHS release.

Original cover art for "Alive And Sick", the very first cassette demo by S.M.F., released in 1995.

Review of S.M.F.'s "Schizotron" album.

Artist's rendition of Ray Jackson as "The Heavy Metal Warrior".

Review of S.M.F.'s cassette release of "...And Proud Of It."

Autographed 8x10 photo from Ray's former high school classmate and business role model Cindy Margolis.

Port Townsend leader article about Ray Jackson and his many accomplishments.

AK47 Roadhouse promo poster.

Cover image of the EXTREMELY rare free promo CD given out by Ray Jackson documenting the telephone conversation between "The Heavy Metal Warrior" and Bono from U2.